Horizontal Walking Injection Moulding Robotic Arm Medium L -

Horizontal Walking Injection Moulding Robotic Arm Medium L -
  • Type:5 axis cnc router
  • Country:China
  • Registration Date:2018-03-14 14:32
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China [CN]

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Machine Manipulato_MQ



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1 PC per PE Foam for standard packing or depanding

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A series-medium l-axis horizontal walking robot hand , China Industrial Injection Molding Machine Manipulator A-series mediumhorizontal walking robot series is mainly suitable for 250-700T horizontal injection molding machine to take out the finished product.It's both a double - cut arm,it can be used to increase the secondary arm for the removal of the head of the three die.There is a frequency conversion motor.AC servo motors are driven by two modes: drawing and upper and lower pressure.The stroke adjustment and position adjustment methods are manual adjustment and electric adjustment.With a standard package. (1) Driving mode: rotating, up and down and using high precision cylinder driving.Y/Z axis, the special design of high steel linear slip rail and aluminum alloy structure. (2) The whole machine adopts the high steel linear slide rail and the reinforced aluminum alloy structure girder, and the downlink is stable, not shaking, and is light and durable. (3) Automatically detect if the pressure of the gas source is sufficient. If the pressure is not enough, the automatic alarm will show the pressure is insufficient, and the anti-drop cylinder will be automatically ejected to prevent the arm from slipping. (4)The operation is simple and easy to learn, with eight sets of programs built in, with the function of L/U extraction, suitable for all kinds of mold products. (5) When automatic operation, can modify timing, counting, convenient control of the manipulator's movement speed. A-series sidle manipulator series is mainly used in the 50-200T horizontal injection molding machine finished out, stop using single arm, can increase the jib for three die head out with transverse variable frequency motor (the main arm for AC servo motor startup), two AC servo motor driven, drawing drive on, under pressure, the stroke adjustment and position adjustment mode with manual adjustment (standard) and electric adjustment (optional) two, equipped with standard and holding fixture Controller: Color screen, single page and multi line display, convenient for user to set parameters and monitor signals. 32 bit dual CPU control, quick response, and more smooth page switching Open program instruction, easy to learn, provide commonly used stationary procedures, and can also teach all kinds of complex mold program AC servo direction can be multi-point placement, as many as 99 groups Main Features 1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintain. 2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 3) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution 4) Low noise, save energy, no pollution, long use life.