3 Axis Nema23 120N.cm(170oz.in)/2.5A Stepper Motor Power fo.

3 Axis Nema23 120N.cm(170oz.in)/2.5A Stepper Motor Power fo.
  • Type:5 axis cnc router
  • Country:China
  • Registration Date:2018-01-24 20:42
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* 3 pcs Nema 23stepper motor 23H2A6425-01B (120Ncm,170oz.in) in bipolar connection. * 3 pcs Micro-Stepper motor driver 2L542, peak 4.2A, up to +50VDC * 3 pcs Power supply 100W-24V DC ( Mean Well, the top brand ) * 1 pc Breakout board CLICK THIS LINK FOR BUYING:?hw_id=57

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